PVS-14 Parts Kit



The AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular Kit provides the user with an integrated set of components that is ready to accept 18mm Gen II and Gen III Image Intensifier Tubes. All components that are manufactured, assembled, and tested in accordance with all US Military specifications.


  • Battery Housing (Single Battery Configuration) (274422-2)
  • Battery Cap w/ Tether (275113-2)
  • Monocular Housing (277705)
  • Tube Retainer (5002569)
  • 25mm Eye Piece Assembly (5009545-1)
  • Neck Cord (A3144306)
  • Purge Screw (A3144315)
  • Purge Screw O-Ring (A3144316)
  • Objective Lens Cap (A3144318)
  • Close Focus Stop (A3144322)
  • Objective Cell O-Ring (A3144323)
  • Eye Cup Assembly (A3144422)
  • Objective Assembly (A3256342)
  • Eye Cup Adapter (A3256354)
  • Battery/Monocular Housing O-Ring (A3256356-2)
  • Light Pipe (A3256358)
  • Objective Lock Ring (A3256360)
  • Lens Paper
  • Battery Housing Screws x4 (MS16995-2B)
  • Operator’s Manual (TM11-5855-30610)