Shipping & Lead Times

Free Shipping on all items  and fully insured for the actual dollar amount paid. All items will be shipped UPS Ground. UPS will obtain a signature from someone at the delivery address.  All items are subject to lead times, can vary and subject to change. Please refer to our lead time page for better estimates. There is an up to 1-2 week build time on all night vision goggles, even if the parts are in stock.

Return Policy

This Return Policy applies to products that are listed on the website or Social Media applications (collectively, referred to as the “Site”), as “Sold and Shipped by Steele Industries Inc.”.

DOA Criteria

Steele Industries Inc. takes all necessary actions to ensure delivery of products to its customer is in working condition. Products are checked with Quality Control measures
to meet our quality check list standards prior to shipping.

  • DOA is defined as a product that fails at initial power-up.
  • The DOA process is separate from any warranty programs.
  • DOAs must be claimed within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt.
  • Products must have been purchased directly from Steele Industries Inc.
  • The customer must provide the serial number and purchase order or sales order of the purchase.
  • Standard lead-time to receive the replacement product is five to ten business days as new products are made-to-order and are not always in-stock.
  • Product was not modified and or disassembled in any way
  • Once Steele Industries has determined the product to be DOA and eligible for new product, a request for a replacement and Returns Material Authorization (RMA) will be submitted. No returns will be excepted without an RMA
  • All incidents are handled on a case by case basis. Steele Industries Inc will take all rational steps to correct issues with D.O.A products. It is under the full discretion of Steele Industries Inc. to allow or deny refunds which fall outside this policy.

Restocking Fees, Return Shipping Fees, Full Refunds, and Partial Refunds Must Be Made Within 72 Hours of Receipt

Restocking Fees and Return Shipping Fees

  • Items need to be returned in a like-new condition. Items that are damaged, unsanitary, dented or scratched may be denied a return.
  • Please return items with all accessories and packaging. If you do not, we may either deny the return, or allow a return with a nonrefundable deduction on your refund for what is missing.
  • Products must have been purchased directly from Steele Industries Inc.
  • Refunds must be requested to Steele Industries Inc via email The customer must provide the serial number and purchase order or sales order of the purchase.
  • Returns are subject to restocking fees of 20% of the purchase price and return shipping fees.
  • Steele Industries Inc. may assess the restocking fees and return shipping fees against the customer’s account or deduct the fees from the refund amount on all returns, subject to the Return Policy and any product-specific policy.
  • For products that are eligible for return for replacement, the return shipping labels are free for returns for replacement of the same item within the applicable return policy period. Steele Indistries Inc. does NOT charge for restocking fees or return shipping labels for returns of defective products, or if you received the wrong item, the item did not match what your ordered on our platforms (the “Site”), or if we have made some other shipping error, provided the item is within its return policy period, and in accordance with the Return Policy.
  • For returns of unopened items that are returned in the original condition as shipped within its return policy period, and in accordance with the Return Policy, Steele Industries Inc. does NOT charge for restocking fees, but customers are responsible for any return shipping costs.
  • In the event a product is returned that is not defective or an incorrect product or where the product does match what was ordered on our Site, the product will either be returned to the customer or the return shipping cost initially covered by Steele Industries Inc. will instead be deducted from the refund amount along with any necessary restocking fee that may apply.
  • No return shipments will be accepted without an RMA number. It is under the full discretion of STEELE INDUSTRIES INC. management to allow or deny refunds which fall outside of the scope of this policy.

Steele Industries Inc. Warranty

Steele Industries Night Vision products are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects in both material and workmanship under normal use for a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase. In the event that a defect covered by the warranty occurs during the applicable period stated above, Steele Industries Inc, at its discretion, will either repair or replace the product; such action on the part of Steele Industries shall be the full extent of Steele Industries Inc. liability, and the Customer’s sole and exclusive reparation. Steele Industries Inc also offers a limited lifetime service on all branded night vision devices. This allows customers to send us their branded night vision devices for re-purging, O ring replacements, and cleaning. This warranty does not cover a product if it has been:

A. Used in any way other than its normal and customary manner
B. Subjected to misuse or improper operation
C. This includes using rechargeable batteries, storing the product with batteries left in it, or battery compartment corrosion due to faulty batteries
D. Subjected to alterations, modifications or repairs by the Customer or by any party other than Steele Industries Inc without prior written consent of Steele Industries Inc
E. Specially ordered, ordered from a selection of merchandise or merchandise sold by either Steele Industries Inc or the Steele Industries Inc dealer
F. Discontinued by the manufacturer and either parts or replacement units are not available due to reasons beyond the control of Steele Industries Inc.

Warranty claims falling outside of the scope of these written warranty terms may
incur repair, labor, and shipping fees charged to the customer

Steele Industries Inc. shall not be responsible for any defects or damage that in Steele Industries Inc. view are a result from the mishandling, abuse, misuse, improper storage or improper operation of the device, including use in conjunction with equipment that is electrically or mechanically incompatible with, or of inferior quality to, the product, as well as failure to maintain the environmental conditions specified by the manufacturer. THE CUSTOMER IS HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT OPERATION OF THE EQUIPMENT DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS OR UNDER ANY EXCESSIVE LIGHT CONDITIONS MAY PERMANENTLY DAMAGE THE INTERNAL COMPONENTS OF THE UNIT, AND SAID DAMAGE WILL NOT BE COVERED UNDER THIS WARRANTY. This warranty is extended only to the original purchaser. Any breach of this warranty shall be enforced unless the Customer notifies Steele Industries Inc. via email within the applicable warranty period. The Customer understands and agrees that, except for the foregoing warranty, no other warranties written or oral, statutory, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, shall apply to the product. All such implied warranties are hereby and expressly disclaimed.

Limitation of Liability

Steele Industries Inc. will not be liable for any claims, actions, suits, proceedings, costs, expenses, damages or liabilities arising out of the use of any Steele Industries Inc. product. Operation and use of products are the sole responsibility of the Customer. Steele Industries Inc. exclusive undertaking is limited to providing the products and services outlined herein in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The stipulation of products sold and services performed by Steele Industries Inc. to the Customer shall not be interpreted, construed, or regarded, either expressly or implied, as being for the benefit of or creating any obligation toward any third party of legal entity outside of Steele Industries Inc. and the Customer; Steele Industries Inc. obligations under this Agreement extend solely to the Customer. Steele Industries Inc. liability hereunder for damages, regardless of the form or action, shall not exceed the fees or other charges paid to Steele Industries Inc. by the customer or customer’s dealer. Steele Industries Inc. shall not, in any event, be liable for special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, lost income, lost revenue, or lost profit, whether such damages were foreseeable or not at the time of purchase, and whether or not such damages arise out of a breach of warranty, a breach of agreement, negligence, strict liability or any other theory of liability.